Diva Beelze is just an average teenage devil with the uncontrollable urge to just be nice. The only solution for her is to become a superhero.

Evil Diva has been one of the Top Five most popular web comics as measured by The website, has averaged 10,000 to 20,000 unique visitors and more than 100,000 clicks per day. In February 2011. Evil Diva received 3.9 million hits (source Webalizer 2.1).

Diva lives in Las Aequitas, a suburban neighborhood located between Heaven and Hell. The town is populated by both Angels and Demons. She attends a ‘mixed’ high school where her do-gooding nature makes her an outcast with Angels and Devils alike. Antagonized by ‘popular angel girl’ Angela and supported by Michelle and Gabriel, her only friends, Diva’s world grows more complicated when her mysterious guidance counselor, Mr. Virgil, grants her use of a Magic Wand which gives her control over potent magical forces, but also seems to have a mind of its own.

Product Flexibility: Evil Diva has proven its ability to thrive in multiple product formats. When Team Diva retired the G-Rated version of Evil Diva (featuring a 12-year old Diva) it was ranked 10th overall and was the number one G-Rated web comic. The current incarnation of Evil Diva is even more popular than its predecessor, finishing as high as 5th (source; We at Team Diva believe Evil Diva will adapt easily to feature film, half-hour or full hour television formats and is flexible enough to work in either live action or animation. Evil Diva will also certainly thrive in printed comics, novels, video games and merchandising.

Demographics: Over 70% of Evil Diva fans are women, with the majority of them falling in the notoriously coveted 18-24 age category (source: reader poll). We also do very well with the 9 to 18 age demographic.


Our cast of main characters and a brief description of each.

Diva Beelze. The little Devil girl that just wants to be good.

Dad. Satan’s #1 talent scout. And full of really bad jokes.


Mom. Hell’s best evil corporate lawyer. You want her on your side.


Cerby. Diva’s slobbering best friend and fashion accessory.


Tiamat. The perfect big sister. She’s everything Diva is not.


Michelle. One of Diva’s few friends at school.


Gabriel. Angela’s brother and one of Diva’s best friends.


Angela. Little miss perfect and Diva’s nemesis.


Mr. Virgil. The guidance counselor who knows more than he lets on.


Loki. Trickster God and Virgil’s assistant.


The Big Guy. “Sure I’m Satan but don’t hold that against me.”


The Dude. Who knew the Almighty was so laid back.

Evil Diva Animated Opening

Wallpaper. Click on image to download.

Chapter Outlines

Issue 1: First Day of School. Diva sows unrest at her first day of school when she tries to help others. She meets her nemesis Angela, as well as Michelle and Gabriel, who become her friends. After rescuing his cat from a tree, her cryptic guidance counselor, Mr. Virgil, decides to give Diva a mysterious Magic Wand, but he’s not all that forthcoming about how it works.


Issue 2: Vote for Diva! Diva screws up enough courage to run for class president in the school election, but her resolve is put to the test when a gang of devils wants to put the hurt on her opponent, Angela. Diva tries to save Angela using her Magic Wand, but things don’t go quite as planned. The mysterious Loki makes his first appearance, confronting Virgil about his decision to give Diva the Wand.


Issue 3: Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. Diva’s dad brings her for a visit to his day job in Hell, which looks curiously like a certain well-known amusement park. An inquisitive Michelle follows them and Diva must use the Wand to save her. Her plan to transport Michelle out of Hell backfires when Diva accidentally causes her arch-rival Angela to switch places with Michelle.


Issue 4: Nancy Drew She Ain’t. Michelle materializes in Angela’s place next to Gabriel. Determined to discover the truth, Michelle recruits Gabriel and they follow Diva to the courthouse where Angela is being held. They see Diva attempt to use the Wand to bust Angela out of jail, but the plan is foiled when they are discovered by Loki. Diva escapes but Michelle and Gabriel end up in jail with Angela.


Issue 5: The Trial. Angela goes on trial for trespassing in Hell, a crime punishable by eternal damnation. In an uncharacteristically evil move, Diva blackmails her mom into defending Angela. Mom’s brilliant defense results in Angela’s acquittal, but Judge Virgil still dishes out punishment, barring her from cheerleading and student council, thus making Diva class president.


Issue 6: Outed. The Big Guy (Satan) summons Diva to Hell, there revealing that he and others know about Diva’s Magic Wand. Diva escapes Satan only to be discovered by Loki also intent on taking the Wand. Cornered, Diva summons the Wand’s full power, defeating Loki. Later, Virgil, Satan and The Dude (The Almighty) meet at The Gate, a place that is equal parts coffee house and portal to life everlasting. It appears the three are working together.


Issue 7: First Day of High School. Three years have passed. Diva is now inexplicably popular, but the world just doesn’t seem right to her and, seeking Virgil’s guidance, Diva discovers she used the Wand earlier to alter reality. The trouble is Angela was also touching the Wand at the same time, actually wishing herself unpopular. With a little advice from The Dude on how to break the spell, Diva sets off in search of Angela.


Issue 8: Second Day of High School. Diva seeks out nerdy, unpopular Angela, but fails to convince her to help reverse the spell. After an explosive appearance by Loki, Diva realizes she must physically beat Angela into submission, and challenges her to a fight. Angela finally relents and the spell breaks, restoring reality to its prior order. Virgil, The Big Guy, The Dude and Loki are revealed to be working together.

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