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A collaboration between veteran design team leaders Joe Cashman and Pete Menotti, Modul8tion was formed in 2008 to be a one-stop shop for all your creative, packaging, design and production needs. Combining Cashman’s twenty years in event design and media production, with Menotti’s equally long experience with branding, print advertising and digital interactive production, Modul8tion and its team of experts emerge to serve your needs in branding, advertising, logo and packaging design, concept design, media & interactive production, event design and much more. From their West Los Angeles studios, they have provided branding for major entertainment companies, produced award winning visual effects & interactive media, and given their clients a reason to crow about them. Treating their smallest jobs with the same respect and attention to detail as their largest productions, you may rest assured your project will always be on the front burner. Modul8tion specializes in the unconventional, so call us with your impossible dream and our tenacious and resourceful team of unconventional thinkers will find a way to complete your vision and thrill you with the outcome.

Pete Menotti, Principal

Lead Creative. Former Creative Director for Virgin Interactive, Pete Menotti is a successful designer of packaging, branding and advertising media for a wide range of top digital entertainment franchises. For the last 25 years he has provided award winning audio and visual design throughout the entertainment and toy industries. Pete is also the recipient of three Thea awards for his media and interactive work in the themed entertainment industry. He’s a self-professed ‘Uber Geek’ and considered by his peers to be one of the most resourceful and inventive people in the interactive media business. If he can’t find a technology available to complete your project, then chances are he can invent it for you. He also does a great Sam Elliot impersonation. You can wrap that packaging right up there.

Joe Cashman, Principal

Director of Media Production. The eclectic twenty-year career of Joe Cashman has carried him to jobsites all over the world and garnered four Thea Awards and an Art Director’s Guild Award nomination. A tenacious production asset and specialist in all types of unconventional production, he has designed and executed massive scenery installations in the middle of the ocean, on the deck of an active duty aircraft carrier and on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. An expert in 3d computer graphics and media production, he has overseen the digital simulation and pre-visualization of numerous and varied architectural and entertainment projects. Also an accomplished technical director, he has consulted on the technology installations of Las Vegas showrooms and floating cruise ship theaters. Next meeting, ask him to do his Bill Shatner.

Daniel Maronde, Team Lead

Director of Science and Technology. After working as a supervisor for the High Energy Physics Lab at UCLA and studying for his doctorate in particle physics at Rice University, Daniel Maronde’s career took a 40 degree turn to land him in the midst of a team of artists. Although the juxtaposition of science and creative may seem contradictory, scientists and artists share some similar components, and what isn’t shared actually creates a sense of balance that sets Modul8tion apart from it’s competitors and makes Daniel a valuable asset to our team. He is more than just a problem solver, he is an innovative thinker who uses science for the betterment of all mankind. Current goals include creating tools for detailed semantic markup flexible enough to survive the evolving standard and intuitive for the webmaster. Daniel doesn’t do impressions, but at the next meeting, ask him to explain how three spacial dimensions is the minimal necessary for our existence to have come from nothing and return to nothing, and how we’re all just cosmic dust.

“Beware those that can combine science and art, for they will dazzle you into submission.” – Tesla


Our talented team of associates round out the group. We have some of the best young designers and artists in the business. Whether it is packaging, illustrators, 3-D artist, modelers or industrial designers, we will provide you with the best team available. For packaging, design, media, advertising or marketing, Modul8tion has you covered.

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