Tron 2 Concept Art

Tron 2 Concept Art

Tron 2

Jakks Pacific called on Modul8tion again. This time, they were pitching for the rights to the TRON 2 license from Disney. They wanted us to design packages that were not only to hold the toy, but also to feel like they had more of a value than just a box. After doing some research, we found “light tape,” a thin strip of paper that illuminates when an electrical charge is applied. Knowing we could use this technology to make the package look even more futuristic and collectible, we based our designs on this. We also make a second set of comps that showed the package in the regular world instead of the blue glowing Tron world.

Needless to say, both our client, Jakks, and their client, Disney, were both impressed.

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