Seven Quails Winery Branding

Seven Quails Winery Branding

Seven Quails Vineyards

Seven Quails Vinyards needed branding for their new line of table wines. They wanted the logo to somehow incorporate a quail while evoking a sense of modern elegance. We were able to fulfill their needs and provide them with a label that stood out on the shelf. The logo and quail design have been carried over to the vinyard’s bed and breakfast to create a cohesive brand. In the end, the client was very happy.

At Modul8tion, we pride ourselves on pleasing our clients. In the case of Seven Quails, the abstract suggestion of a quail was the perfect choice to convey their brand. It is prominent enough to be visible, while not detracting from the readability of the label. The logo design also had to be upscale and easy to transfer to stationary, signage and other items necessary to brand the bed and breakfast as well as the winery. And although it is a modern design, it also has a classic feel that will withstand the test of time.

Whether you’re looking for something understated or completely over the top, call Modul8tion. We can provide you with the logo of your dreams and give your product the personality it needs to set it apart from the rest. We know how to put the best face on your product and translate that feeling into consumer dollars. Let our team of experts show you how to take your product to the next level.

Many agencies will create your logo, send you a file and bill you. As a full service agency, Modul8tion can also prep your designs for printing and will work closely with the printer to ensure that the final product meets your every expectation.

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