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Riot games is the only video game company listed in Forbes’ 20 fastest growing tech companies. When they needed advertising and marketing materials done with a gamer’s perspective, they came to us. Utilizing our extensive background in gaming, we provided them with pertinent and visually appealing advertising and sales materials. And when they wanted a new line of designs to try to increase sales of their online store, we delivered again. Sales grew and we got to see our designs on apparel worn at gaming conventions, such as E3. And since consumers were buying Riot branded apparel, not only were they getting free advertising, fans were paying them to advertise. Brilliant!

Modul8tion is a full service agency. We are just as comfortable designing websites as we are designing baseball caps. We pride ourselves on knowing what the consumer will like and designing a product that will strongly appeal to them while strongly reinforcing our client’s brand. After all, if you design a cool website, consumers will visit repeatedly. And well-designed apparel is more likely to be worn often, leading to free advertising for your company or your product. After all, that’s what promotional materials are for, right?

Whether you need a general brand website or a website for each of your products, we can help. Since we’re also experts at SEO, we can drive traffic to your new site as well.

Call us for all of your promotional materials. Our team members have worked in print shops and understand how to make designs pop with minimal cost per piece. We have experience working with everything from t-shirts, to stickers to back scratchers. We even designed a promotional box of bandaids once. We can get your brand noticed.

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